The Team



Everything started when Aurélien SCHWARTZ and David PINEAU, 2 data scientists from EDF R&D Center, created and patented an innovative approach for industrial diagnosis that soon showed great results on EDF Nuclear Plants.

Meeting a real business need, they built an entrepreneurial project, soon joined by Julien LAGARDE.


  • Thanks to the technological support of EDF R&D and its 2,000 researchers
  • Supported by the French Nuclear Division that equip its 19 nuclear plants with METROSCOPE
  • And Founded by EDF Pulse Expansion, the corporate venture capital of EDF Group


Created at the beginning of 2018, METROSCOPE is the new start-up of software edition of EDF Group!

The Founders





The Full Team

After 1 year of existence, we are today 12 very different profiles taking part of the adventure with the aim of building something big, very big!


The Values



Team Spirit


Our Ambition 

Merge Artificial Intelligence and Expertise to bring Industrial Diagnosis to the next level

Our software provides to our industrial customers a reliable, fast diagnosis thanks to Artificial Intelligence. We help maintenance teams and operators identify hazards affecting their industrial process and which could result in lost output, environmental harm, long-term damage to equipment, or even the outright shutdown of the installation.

METROSCOPE technology relies on an unmatched combination of Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence.

Our breakthrough software is currently deployed on our first client, the French nuclear power plants network, and will be very soon scalable on other industrial processes (Data Centers, Combined Cycle Gas Power Plants…) both in France and abroad.

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Far far way, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia.