After impressive results on Nuclear Plant, METROSCOPE naturally started working on CCGT. A pilot Plant at Blénod (France) was addressed in 2018.
METROSCOPE for Combined Cycle Gas Turbines is also directly operational on Open Cycle Gas Turbines

Diagnosis of a CCGT

The illustration hereunder shows the thermal circuit of a CCGT.



All the hazards that can affect it may have a direct impact on the different measurements made on the thermal circuits. Most of them are difficult to dissociate from the natural variations of the measurements and require advanced and time-consuming expertise.

The list is non-exhaustive and is meant to grow throughout the use of METROSCOPE on your installation. By design, METROSCOPE will easily evolve with your plant and integrate new measurements and/or new hazards.

METROSCOPE comes ready to use for the supervision of your Turbine, MSR, Condenser, Reheaters, Main Safety Valves and Feedwater Flow.

METROSCOPE is based on a physical model of your Plant, and thus integrates design considerations and physical equations: in a word it has its own expertise. The technology behind METROSCOPE is particularly efficient at integrating expertise in its algorithms.

It takes less than 6 months to get a fully operational METROSCOPE on a 1000 MWe Nuclear Plant.

Thanks to algorithm reinforcement, the scope of METROSCOPE diagnosis is meant to grow throughout its use on your installation. The software will easily evolve with your plant and integrate new measurements and/or new hazards.

METROSCOPE learns from the physics to interpret measurement, not the other way around.
Note that most of these hazards can also affect Boiling Water Reactors or conventional Coal Plants.

Performance enhancement

Combined Cycle Gas Plants offer a good energy efficiency (up to 65%), higher than any other conventional Thermal Power Plants. With METROSCOPE, the supervision of the major components of the installation allows to extend their lifespan and enhance the performance of the plant.

Availability and reliability

A commonly used energy in most countries, and a useful source in the French energy mix, the thermal energy has a critical role to play. An early and targeted detection thanks to METROSCOPE diagnosis allows to reduce the downtime and the starting time. As a result, the availability of service is increased.

Challenge your maintenance programs

Maintenance factors in such plants are of 2 different types: start-based factors and hours-based factors. Through METROSCOPE, you can anticipate hazards, target the operations, require adjustments of the maintenance intervals and thus optimize your maintenance costs.

Minimize environmental impact

Thanks to its good energy efficiency, a CCGT Plant has a low Carbon Dioxide Emission factor. Preserve the environmental performance of your installation through the early detection of hazards and the extended lifespan of your assets offered by METROSCOPE.

Valued Added

Better Megawatt output!

Hazards on the condenser are the first responsible for production loss, followed by cooling towers.

On a 1000 MWe Unit, it is known that an increase of 1mbar of vacuum pressure in the condenser results in a 1MWe loss of production. The condenser itself is the first responsible for unmatched performance objective on a Plant.

On another example, steam safety valves are prone to leakages, that will by-pass the turbine and result in enthalpy loss for the production.

Drop in Maintenance costs

Thanks to METROSCOPE, maintenance team gets better insights into the behavior of the main components composing the process. The early detection of hazards will enhance their maintenance decision, that will result in reducing the costs of maintenance operations, increase the lifespan of components or even prevent the outright shutdown of the installation.

As a concrete example, METROSCOPE has shown its ability to detect early tube ruptures within the thousands of tubes inside an industrial reheater. With METROSCOPE, well taken care reheaters will last longer, and operator might in the end avoid the replacement of components worth several million euros.


Drawing quantities of Excel curves never was the most efficient way to benefit from the expertise of operators. With METROSCOPE, experts are automatically alerted on the components that do require their attention. Although, METROSCOPE provides automatic results, every steps of its reasoning are displayed and accessible to the user. See METROSCOPE as a sandbox, not as a black box.


Thanks to METROSCOPE you will be able to analyze the whole history of the plant and go back in the past to track down former hazards (as long as you have the data stored). It makes METROSCOPE a powerful capitalization tool, that will help you challenge your maintenance programs and suppliers.


Start with one plant, then extend it to your fleet.


We can handle everything on our own or help you building and operating physical Digital Twins. 

In any case, you are the only owner of your data, and you get to keep the digital twin. 

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