The Digital Twin is central to METROSCOPE, for it is the expert block of the Diagnosis. It is what makes METROSCOPE tailor made for your process.

At METROSCOPE we are expert at building digital twins that simulate the physical behavior of the industries we monitor. We call it Physical Digital Twins, as it focuses on the physics!

METROSCOPE enables you to use the power of simulation directly in operation!

By design METROSCOPE is made to make the manipulation of the twin easy and intuitive to any user.
Building METROSCOPE physical digital twins is just like playing puzzle!

1. Based on the design plans and mechanical schemes, we shape the Digital Twin. We select elementary blocks from our expert libraries, representing each component of the process (air cooling, heat exchanger, compressor, pressure drop, pump….)

2. We calibrate the equations of the model on historical data from your asset.

3. Your Digital Twin is ready!

Operate your Digital Twin

With METROSCOPE, nothing is easier: it was made for it.

Please note that the Digital Twin is always yours, therefore you can use it for any other purpose.

We do not store your data and can even build the Twin from your direct working environment.

Modification of the process and evolution of the Digital Twin

t is important to keep your Digital Twin adjusted to any process modification that might occur during the lifetime of your facility. METROSCOPE can offer you a long-term subscription to guarantee that your model will be up to date and keep benefiting from continuous improvements.

Thanks to the Digital Twin, we can also accurately locate the extra sensors that would most benefit to your installation with regards to the Diagnosis.

Learn how to build your physical Digital Twin

The Digital Twin is representative of your industrial asset, then you might want to develop the skills to build a model on your own processes, or for your client’s partner, and we are willing to help you!

If you can take care of your Digital Twin by yourself, you can use and adjust it for:

  • Enlarging the scope of the METROSCOPE
  • Replicating the Digital Twin to your other facilities
  • Representing any major change on the process monitored
  • Any other purpose!

We can also take care of your twin, guarantee you with the updates and explore any of these steps together.