Fruit of the industrial experience of the founding team of METROSCOPE, it will provide you with a powerful and immersive diagnosis toolbox.

You will quickly get familiar with your customized dashboard and get the best out of the physical measurements from your assets.

You can export data from METROSCOPE software, should you need to draw graphs with Excel or other tools you may use.

Any suggestions from the users will be welcome: METROSCOPE team will be happy to integrate new useful features that could meet your expectations.

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METROSCOPE provides a comprehensive 3 step diagnosis that leads the user through the reasoning of our Artificial Intelligence.


1Check the raw data, to ensure the well-functioning of your sensors.

2Detect and summarize the symptoms, using the Digital Twin.

3Diagnose the hazards thanks to the Artificial Intelligence.

With its dashboard interface, METROSCOPE was built as a digital sandbox, where the technical team will be able to visualize every valuable information from the process or play multiple scenarios using the digital twin.

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