METROSCOPE means millions of euros saved!

Head of EDF Nuclear Production Performance

Digital Twin Expert block

Our Offer: Nuclear Power

METROSCOPE technology was first designed to address the performance of nuclear plants and is already in operation on several units since 2017.

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Our Offer: Gas Plant

After impressive results on Nuclear Plant, METROSCOPE naturally started working on CCGT. A pilot Plant at Blénod (France) was addressed in 2018.

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Our Offer: Data Center

METROSCOPE technology was initially designed for Power Generation, before we started our diversification to Conventional Utilities, and especially Data Centers.

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Our Offer: Your Industry

METROSCOPE can address any industrial process as soon as we are able to build its digital twin. Let’s innovate together and put METROSCOPE technology at the service of your assets.

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01 Our Offer: Nuclear Power

02 Our Offer: Gas Plant

03 Our Offer: Data Center

04 Our Offer: Your Industry

METROSCOPE can address any industrial process as soon as we are able to build its digital twin.

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METROSCOPE provides a comprehensive 3 step diagnosis that leads the user through the reasoning of our Artificial Intelligence.


1Check the raw data, to ensure the well-functioning of your sensors.

2Detect and summarize the symptoms, using the Digital Twin.

3Diagnose the hazards thanks to the Artificial Intelligence.

With its dashboard interface, METROSCOPE was built as a digital sandbox, where the technical team will be able to visualize every valuable information from the process or play multiple scenarios using the digital twin.

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Unmatched Combination of AI and Digital Twin

METROSCOPE learns from the digital twin to interpret measurements, not the other way around!


METROSCOPE AI uses stochastic algorithms connected to the digital twin, to investigate thousands of scenarios before giving its results.

Andrei Markov

"The Future is independent of the Past given the Present."

METROSCOPE engine is powered by Markov Chains,

just like Google page rank!

They are key to us to interpret the uncertainties everywhere in the industrial world!

Our technology is patented and awarded.

METROSCOPE was founded by 3 Engineers from EDF Lab, one of the biggest R&D Centers in Europe.



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