Nuclear Power

Already in operation on several nuclear units since 2017, METROSCOPE is in the process to be implemented on the whole fleet of French nuclear plants.

By design, the Pressured Water Reactor use-case also applies to Coal Plants and other nuclear generation types like Boiling Water Reactors or…

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Gas Plant

After impressive results on Nuclear Plant, METROSCOPE naturally started working on CCGT in 2018.

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Data Center

METROSCOPE technology was initially designed for Nuclear Reactors, before we started our diversification to Gas Plants and Conventional Utilities.

METROSCOPE is currently being tested on the cooling circuit of the EDF Data Center NOE, showing very promising results.

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Other R&D Focus

METROSCOPE can address any industrial process as soon as we are able to build its digital twin.

Let’s innovate together and put METROSCOPE technology at the service of your assets.

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